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Noah's Mittens
Northwoods Reader


Noah's Mittens
Larsen blends legend and tall tale to explain the origin of felt in this amusing variant on Noah's story. When the patriarch constructs his famous boat, he seals it so well to prevent water leaks that no heat and moisture can escape. All of the animals suffer in this floating steam bath, but the sheep fare the worst. Their heavy coats turn into thick cloth that almost strangles them. After rescuing them with shears, Noah can't figure out what to do with the heavy material–until the ark lands on a mountaintop. Then the felt provides perfect protection against the snow and cold. Thanks to Noah's invention of scarves, hats, and mittens, people could live and play even in the coldest regions. Trueman's mixed-media illustrations add to the fun. The interesting use of ark windows provides snapshots into shipboard life, including some animals' penchant for gnawing or pecking at the frames. Even the changeable patterns of the sun and rays catch viewers' attention. The afterword offers a brief history of felt-making. A good choice for storytime sharing before a romp in the snow.


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