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Disc Golf
All You Need to Know About the Game You Want to Play Northwoods Reader

by Michael Steven Gregory and Leticia Plate

Disc Golf
This handy reference provides techniques for mastering disc golf, the fast-growing sport in which competitors throw a Frisbee-like disc at a number of pins, or holes, attempting to traverse a course from beginning to end in the fewest number of throws of the disc. The basics of the game, the equipment used, and throwing techniques, such as those used for putts, approaches, and drives, are detailed. Rules and etiquette are included, along with variations of the game. Additional features include information on the Zen of disc golf and disc golf resources. Ample illustrations and photographs depict the nuances of grips and stances used in the game.


Book Information:

Pages: 112
Release Date: September 2003
Cover Type: Soft
Publisher: Trellis Publishing

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