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A Postcard Perspective of Historic Duluth Northwoods Reader

by Tony Dierckins

During an Independence Day picnic on Minnesota Point in 1866, newspaper publisher Dr. Thomas Foster (who produced Duluth's first paper, The Minnesotian) gave a grand oration, during which he called Duluth the "Zenith City of the Unsalted Seas."

Zenith: A Postcard Perspective of Historic Duluth follows the Lake Superior region's colorful history beginning from the last ice age. Continues with early native cultures, the Dakota and the Ojibwe, and French and British fur traders through to the birth of Duluth and Superior. It concludes with their various boom and bust years, the advent of the mining and lumber industries, and on to 1939, when modern color photography cards replaced the art of the hand-tinted, lithographic postcard.


Book Information:

Pages: 196
Release Date: May 30, 2006
Cover Type: Soft
Publisher: X-Communication

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