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Like to read? We do too! Here are some of the books that have been featured on Venture North. They are all woderful books and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Please note that these books are not sold through us. They are sold, rather, by Amazon.com. Also, not all of our books are listed here, just the ones sold by Amazon.

So support our local authors and take home one of these fantastic books today!

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by Joy Morgan Dey

Agate is a beautifully illustrated, sensitive story that incorporates color with a child's natural love of animals, especially this lovable moose.  (Read more...)

by Bill Moen

Journey back to the days when neighborhood taverns were the social hubs of all small towns.  (Read more...)

by Sue Ahrendts

This book will help families tap into nature through Boundary-Waters-specific activities, instructions and information. (Read more...)

by Dudley Edmondson

The author sought out 20 other African Americans with deep connections to nature and asked them about their experiences. (Read more...)

by Mary Linda Sather

Boo Boo Mission is the true story of a teddy bear who travels to Iraq to carry a family's love until they can be together again. (Read more...)

by Richard Hudelson

By the Ore Docks presents a compelling, full-length history of the people who built this port city and struggled for both the growth of the city and the rights of their fellow workers. (Read more...)

by Tony Dierckins

For the first time in one book, this is the complete story of Duluth’s aerial bridge. (Read more...)

by Michael Steven Gregory

This handy reference provides techniques for mastering disc golf, the fast-growing sport. (Read more...)

by Howard Siverston

In this newest collection of tales and original paintings, Howard Siverston shares his "stories pickup up along the shore" using his folksy wit and colorful style. (Read more...)

by Anita Zager

With many full-page and smaller photos, this book celebrates its present day form as well as the history that made it what it is today.  (Read more...)

by Christine Berg

by David Pagel

An amazing true story of sled dog adventure. (Read more...)

by Kathryn Nordstrom

Compiled with occasional captions by portrait and commercial photographer Kathryn Nordstrom, this book provides a visually impressive photographic survey of fish houses and the ice fishing culture that created them. (Read more...)

by Tom Dickson

If you’ve ever wondered what’s on the end of the line or swimming under the dock, rock, or country creek bank, Tom Dickson has written about the finned creatures—ranging from famous to infamous to unheard of—to tell you. (Read more...)

by Helen Hoover

Beloved nature writer Helen Hoover tells a delightful children’s fable that will stir a sense of wonder and discovery in anyone who has ever felt the magic of the forest and imagined it a lively village of talking animals.  (Read more...)