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In this section you can view the videos for our Two Minute Tours that were featured on the show. All the tours are conveniently placed in one large playlist for you. They are sorted alphabetically. So sit back and enjoy the show!

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Turn off the lights.

Ashland Museum

Join us as we tour the Ashland Museum.

3:02 min

Carlton County Historical Society

Join us as we tour the Carlton County Historical Society.

2:17 min

Cloquet Gas Station

Cloquet Gas Station designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

2:19 min

Douglas County Museum

Join us as we tour the Douglas County Museum.

2:25 min

Driving Tour of Historic Homes

Join us on a driving tour of historic homes in Duluth, Minnesota.

2:19 min

Drummond Historical Museum

Enjoy northern Wisconsin's logging history at the Drummond Museum.

2:15 min

Duluth Tile

Join us as we tour several different tile styles in Duluth, Minnesota.

2:33 min

Ely Bear Center

Join us as we tour the North American Bear Center in Ely, Minnesota.

2:48 min

Ely Winton Museum

Join us as we tour the Winton Museum in Ely, Minnesota.

2:19 min

Esko Historical Museum

Unlock Esko's Finnish Heritage with a visit to the local historical museum.

2:31 min

International Wolf Center

Join us as we tour the International Wolf Center in Ely, Minnesota.

2:15 min

Lake County Demonstration Forest

Hike the trails of one of Lake County's delightful forests.

2:39 min

Lake County Historical Society Museum

Join us as we tour the Lake County Historical Scoiety Museum.


Madeline Island Ferry

Join us as we tour the Madeline Island Ferry in Bayfield, Wisconsin.

1:54 min

Madeline Island Historical Museum

Join us as we tour the Madeline Island Historical Museum.

2:12 min

Mill City Museum

Join us as we tour the Mill City Museum in Minneapolis.

2:42 min

Minnesota Fishing Museum

Join us as we tour the Minnesota Fishing Museum in Little Falls, Minnesota.

3:29 min

Munsinger Gardens

Join us as we tour the Munsinger Gardens in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

2:17 min

North American Eagle Center

Tour the North American Eagle Center.

2:33 min

Old Central Clock

Join us as we tour the Old Central School Clock in Duluth, MN.

2:17 min

Skyline Streams

Join us on a tour of the Skyline Parkway.

2:34 min

St. Louis River

Join us as we take the St. Louis River Canoe Tour.

2:11 min

Trikes for Life

Recumbent trikes on the North Shore.

3:41 min

US Brig Niagra

Tour a tall ship visiting Duluth, the US Brig Niagara!

2:45 min


Join us on a driving tour of native orchids in Williams, Minnesota.

2:28 min

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